Talent philosophy: the ability to have both, and the ability to use it.

• Virtue is both a talent and a virtue. The virtuous, the handsome also. "Virtue" -- with a high basic quality, "talent" -- is the basic ability to perform the job duties. The ancient cloud: the ruler is short, has the advantage, the matter is insufficient, the wisdom is not clear. Choose and employ persons, do not seek for both, but for the first, to promote the virtue of virtue. By improving the quality of enterprise talents, we should build a talent structure with both talents and talents.

• The idea of innovative talent, the ability to select talented people, not the seniority, and only the virtuous. Continuously broaden the recruitment channels, found in the practical talents, cultivating talents, training talents, bold use of talent, cultivate innovative talents, the growing talent team, add power for enterprise's sustainable development.

• People do their best - people have long and short, regardless of size, virtue is balanced, both inside and outside. A good conscience is a good servant. The wisdom of the eye, enthusiastic love, the ability to use the courage, daring to lift, the mind capacity. Tap into each employee's sparkle, give full play to each employee's strengths, larger limit of the integration of enterprise human resources, for the continuous development of the enterprise to provide a strong motivation, promote healthy development of the enterprise into the fast lane.

• It is the best use of it -- because of its material, it can be judged by its merits, and it can be used to cover its shortness. Know the person to be good, merit-based, suitable for the job, suitable for the job. With keen insight, found that each employee's personality characteristics, quantity and use, put the talent on the appropriate location, use the advantage of employees in a suitable work, make the sage, almighty in its new obligations, each Ann its duty, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, each of them.