Enterprise culture is the soul of enterprise development, inheriting the enterprise value orientation and behavior standard, embodies the common faith and the overall force of the enterprise, inspire the staff's career pursuit and passion, driving the increasingly prosperous and sustainable development of the enterprise.

A demanding spirit (career development attitude)

The spirit of strict exactness is the spirit of serious and strict discipline, and it is the spirit of obeying the law and taking the practical effect.

Road to learning innovation (career development method)

The way to learn innovation is to consciously and be good at learning the knowledge of advanced science and culture. It is the way to carry out the work consciously and creatively.

Integrity (professional development ethics)

Honesty is loyalty and trustworthiness. Jiyuan and its staff should be loyal to the motherland and the people, loyal to the enterprise and the mission. To the investor, to the shareholder to keep faith, to the user, to the supplier to keep the letter. Enterprises (mainly through management personnel, especially leaders at all levels) should treat employees with integrity, employees should treat enterprises with integrity, and employees should treat each other with honesty.

Synergy (career development foundation)

Synergy is a concerted effort to achieve a common goal. Synergy is to effectively integrate the enterprise resources and play the integrated effect to realize the overall profit and overall value.